About Us

Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 02 January, 2019 to ISP Service is an "B" (Coming soon "A") category Internet service provider (ISP) and Infrastructure License certified by Department of Telecom (DOT), India. it offers VOIP International SIM Card Audio Conference Video Conference IPPBX Webcasting Network Data Center networking, development and dealing of hardware and software and to provide solutions to them.

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We launched wireless internet services in July 2010. We offer high speed, low cost and high quality internet services Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. is India’s fastest growing Internet Solutions and Services, and the preferred choice for enterprise Internet and IP services in Delhi NCR. Incorporated in January 2019, Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. become the first private Company to commission Fiber Optic & Wireless Network across DELHI NCR.

Bit Tech Broadbabd Pvt. Ltd. is not just any COMPANY. Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. has positioned itself as the IT connectivity consultant to its clients – and believes in providing turnkey solutions to growing corporate – catering to their evolving needs as the company grows, invents and re-invents its IT strategy – with the ability to host and manage their entire IT requirements.

Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. currently operates in Delhi NCR., and is rapidly expanding its services to the top 30 cities in India in the next year. 3