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International Backbone

Bit Tech Networks owns several kilometers of fiber in Delhi NCR. Bit Tech Broadbabd Pvt. Ltd. uses this network to deliver high-speed bandwidth using Ethernet-over-Fiber technology. This makes Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd. the only COMPANY which not only provides last mile on 3 party Leased lines, but also has its own Fiber network in all its operating regions. Moreover, Bit Tech Broadbabd Pvt. Ltd. has also setup multiple wireless POPs from where it provides internet services using traditional wireless and Wimax last-mile.


Being an aggregator COMPANY, Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd.’s biggest advantage is that its upstream is totally Carrier agnostic, i.e., Bit Tech Pvt. Ltd. procures international capacities from any of the Global carriers and on redundant undersea cable systems. Bit Tech Broadband Pvt. Ltd., unlike all the other major telecoms, does not own any stake in any of the undersea cable systems and therefore it enjoys the freedom to buy international capacities on all
the cable systems. This ensures complete redundancy on the international path for all
our customers.